Newborn Photography Preparation Checklist for Parents from Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrounding Areas

A short guide for parents traveling from Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrounding Areas.

Are you wanting to get newborn photos taken for your baby but there are only a handful of Vancouver newborn photographers or Burnaby newborn photographers on your shopping list? What if they are booked full and your next option is someone in the Surrey and Langley area? No need to worry, with a little bit of planning, you will surely get to enjoy your baby’s newborn photo session.

Vancouver Newborn Photographer
Baby “J” from Vancouver during his Vancouver Newborn Photography Session

It is the day of your newborn photo session and you are excited to have your baby’s photo taken. You are hoping the session will run smoothly and wish to get the cutest newborn photos possible. Here are some tips for planning your newborn session if you are traveling from Vancouver and Burnaby areas.

The Night Before …

Consider getting everything ready the night before the session. You just recently gave birth to your baby and things might get hectic and overwhelming. Try to avoid packing your items in the morning to avoid leaving in a rush. You are also less likely to come back to get it if you happen to forget some things at home, so make yourself a checklist and go through it in the morning before you leave. I listed some basic items below for you to prepare and most importantly, to make yourself enjoy the session.

Leave early in the morning

Please note that all newborn sessions at Art Hera usually begin at 10 am and ends no later than 2 pm. If you have booked parents and sibling shots it will add extra time to the session. Make sure you allow extra time for the day and leave early from your home, check radio or Google Map for traffic conditions to avoid traffic jams. Generally, travel time is around 25 minutes if you are coming from Burnaby, and 35 minutes if you are coming from Vancouver.

Burnaby Newborn Photographer
Baby “E” from Burnaby during her Burnaby Newborn Photography Session

Feeding your newborn baby

Keep your usual feeding schedule and routine. There is no need to worry about whether your baby will be awake or having accidents during the session. Just make sure the baby is happy.

The Drive …

When you are driving, having your partner or someone else keep things stimulating and active for your baby. Play with him/her a bit. Try to keep the baby awake after feeding, but do not overtire your baby before the session and do not worry if she conks out for a nap. When babies are overtired, they will have more trouble falling and staying asleep.

Burnaby Newborn Photographer
Baby “O” from Vancouver during his Vancouver Newborn Photography Session

Extra clothing

Make sure to bring at least one extra set of clothes, Your baby will most likely have multiple accidents during the session, and parent shots are no exception. The last you thing want is for your partner to rush home for extra clothing if you are coming from Vancouver or Burnaby areas.

A few more items to keep you busy during the session

  • Phone charger if you need to charge your phone
  • Baby lotion and pacifiers
  • Make sure to bring extra diapers
  • Formula if you bottle feed
  • Your favorite books or laptop to keep you enjoyed
  • We have some snack and water for you

I hope this guide is helpful and hope you enjoy the session.
For more information and tips for your newborn photography session, visit the newborn photography FAQ page. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.