Be Mine – 2020 Valentine Minis

Happy Valentine’s Day! Huge thanks to all the kids and parents who came to my Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions. I hope you all had lots of fun and adorable moments.

Vancouver Baby Photography

Why would you want Valentine’s photos? Because your little ones grow so fast, and it is one of the perfect ways to capture their milestones. You can also get memorable photo prints made for your wall decorations. 

Surrey Baby Photography

Mini baby photography sessions are wonderful for kids aged from 4 months to 7 years old. However, babies and toddlers are notoriously hard to get good pictures of. They don’t want to sit still, and certainly not for a photo.Here are some tips to photograph babies and toddlers:

  1. Let them play!
  2. Give them something that can attract their attentions.
  3. Let them see themselves inside the camera.
  4. Make funny sounds and talk baby languages.
  5. Play their favorite songs.

Langley Baby Photography